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True Wind Technology Website: A WordPress website for True Wind Technology, LLC. Development included the custom development of two plugins: one for templating Custom Post Type and Advanced Custom Field content in post content fields, and another for setting sitewide variables for reuse of common values throughout the site content.

The Beginner's Guide to Neglecting Your Studies and Learning to Code in a Café: Interested in teaching yourself to code? Here's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek but hopefully useful guide to get getting started.

IT Training Giving you Headaches? Consider an Agile Approach to Straightening the Learning Curve.: Addresses the 4 Values and 12 Principles of Agile Methodology and attempts to apply them to the IT learning process.

Authenticating Google Users: A Google Authentication Tool using PHP and JavaScript, including some demo pages.

Carrboro Run Club: WordPress website for a local running club based out of Carrboro, North Carolina.

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ENABLE: Extensible Network-Accessible Biomedical & health informatics Long-term learning Environment.

October 28: a Wedding: A Wedding Website made using WordPress.

Shoes That Fit: Ongoing maintenance of a charitable organization's WordPress-driven website as a subcontractor for Parsons TKO.

Map of Speech Accents: This project was built using data provided by George Mason University's Speech Accent Archive. Each subject recorded the same paragraph of text containing a wide variety of English language sounds. The Map shows pins for each of those samples in the subjects' respective birth locations.

Spotter Up Media: SpotterUp Media is a project to bring together combat veterans and industry professionals to share their ideas and experiences with one another to create media projects that have a lasting and positive impact. SpotterUp Media believes that it is our duty to honor our veterans and the interpreters who risked their lives to protect them.

WordPress on OpenShift: A Campus Case Study: Created a new WordPress installation on CloudApps, UNC's implementation of OpenShift. This case study explains some of the challenges involved, and how they were overcome.

UNC Carolina Health Informatics Program: Exported a remotely managed website, set up from scratch on a new server, developed a responsive variation of the old theme, installed necessary plugins, integrated UNC Onyen logins, and finally imported the content into the new environment.

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UNC CHIP Jobs Database: Developed a web-based database for submitting and searching for jobs related to the Carolina Health Informatics Program.

Are You Sure You Want to Send that Email?: Two Stories that drive home the importance of thinking twice before shooting off an aggressive response.

Be a Lean, Mean Job-Seeking Machine!: How job seekers might approach their job search using strategies that they might implement in lean project management, lean user experience design, and lean development.

Time Flies, But Should You?: They say that "time is money". In fact, time is a separate commodity. It can be traded for money, but expires whether it is used or not. It cannot be saved. Only well-managed.

Tennis Pro Shop Snack Cost Assistant: The Member Services Director needed a quick tool to help price snacks when restocking supplies by implementing an algorithm provided by the client.

Data Compilation: Helping a sociology graduate student use the pandas, difflib, lxml, and fuzzywuzzy modules to create a Python script to unzip and compile NY Times article texts into a pre-existing list of titles based on date and title string similarity, in order to build a cohesive collection to be used for further analysis.

Charting Vowel Space: A tool in progress for calculating vowel sound averages and distance from a centroid. Recent addition: you can now register for an account and then save your data as you go along. Coming soon: a normalization option based on average centroid.

Aggregated Data: Visualizing Cancer Outcomes Data for Cohort Discovery.

Settings in Space and Time: Visualizing Browning's Influence on Swinburne

College Search Tool: Plotting college search results using Google Maps and IPEDS Data.

PBIS Indiana: Designed and programmed site and CMS from scratch for a former employer.
(Design has since changed.)

JobTortoise: Search, Map, Save and Share Academic and Government Jobs

Coordinated Events: Wedding and Event Planning (Design no longer in use.)