Github: jetweedy

The Beginner's Guide to Neglecting Your Studies and Learning to Code in a Café: Interested in teaching yourself to code? Here's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek but hopefully useful guide to get getting started.

IT Training Giving you Headaches? Consider an Agile Approach to Straightening the Learning Curve.: Addresses the 4 Values and 12 Principles of Agile Methodology and attempts to apply them to the IT learning process.

Authenticating Google Users: A Google Authentication Tool using PHP and JavaScript, including some demo pages.

WordPress on OpenShift: A Campus Case Study: Created a new WordPress installation on CloudApps, UNC's implementation of OpenShift. This case study explains some of the challenges involved, and how they were overcome.

Time Flies, But Should You?: They say that "time is money". In fact, time is a separate commodity. It can be traded for money, but expires whether it is used or not. It cannot be saved. Only well-managed.

Data Compilation: Helping a sociology graduate student use the pandas, difflib, lxml, and fuzzywuzzy modules to create a Python script to unzip and compile NY Times article texts into a pre-existing list of titles based on date and title string similarity, in order to build a cohesive collection to be used for further analysis.

Aggregated Data: Visualizing Cancer Outcomes Data for Cohort Discovery.