IT Training

Individual and small (or even large) group training is available by request. Learn the basics of web design using HTML and CSS, or go beyond design and learn to program: break out into server-side application development using popular technologies like PHP and MySQL. Learn how to make your websites dynamically interactive using JavaScript and Ajax, and learn principles and strategies for designing and maintaining a usable and visually appealing web presence.

Areas of Instruction
  • Web Domain and Site Setup
  • FTP, cPanel, and Wordpress
  • Web Design using HTML and CSS
  • Database Design and Querying with SQL
  • Back-end programming with PHP, Python or Node
  • JavaScript, Ajax, and Relevant Libraries

Knowledge! I have been developing applications from the ground up for over 18 years. I have extensive experience with user experience design, wireframing, database design and queries, back-end programming (PHP, Python, Java, ColdFusion), front-end programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Ajax), and working with a variety of libraries and frameworks.

Experience! I was an Associate Instructor of German at Indiana University for three years, and taught summer workshops in JavaScript from 2009 to 2014, as well as tutoring privately for over a decade. With a Masters in Information Science and over a decade of experience developing web applications in a major research university environment, I bring a strong combination of programming, UX/UI design, and instructional skills to the table.