WordPress Web Development

Many individuals and small businesses need little more than a simple, lean web presence without the bloated set of content and features that larger organizations or complex projects might require. What they need is an attractive design that they can maintain themselves, an easily editable website with just the right amount of sensible interactivity, and quite frankly, they probably need it to not cost five figures. For those customers, we recommend using WordPress as an affordable content management option that is easily customizable down the road. Larger organizations with bigger budgets might find value in more complex custom-built websites with more content and more custom functionality, and we can certainly accommodate that, but in the case of most small businesses, that simply will not be the case. Whatever the scope of your needs, let's chat about taking control of your business' web presence.

WordPress is open-source (i.e. free) software that runs on PHP, a(n also free) backend programming language) and interacts with MySQL, a popular database that is... you guessed it... also free. It is easy to install, easy to quickly whip up a new website with a basic theme, and easy to maintain using its built-in content management features. You can maintain custom pages, blog posts, media like images, documents and video, and take advantage of a wide variety of both free and premium plugins to enhance your editing experience and improve the presentation of your content.

WordPress design packages can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars for basic setup assistance to several tens of thousands for custom design and integration, information architecture, content strategy, and training and/or management down the road.

NC VEWAA - The NC Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association has asked for a website to present information about the board, as well as past and upcoming conference details.

Station Pub Run - Created for a local running club in Carrboro that meets at a local bar-restaurant, runs one of several route options, and meets back up for beer and dinner. The coordinator is extremely proactive about developing this club, and was excited to get a website up and running with a variety of interesting additional features like a map of photos of where the club's custom pint cups have been around the world.

October Twenty Eight - A wedding webite developed along with a custom photo display and tagging system for guests to use in the weeks following the ceremony.

Project ENABLE - The Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) has developed a special program designed to pull in students from more diverse backgrounds to study health informatics. Beginning in Summer 2018, they started hosting a boot camp to get students interested and involved in learning about health information technology and digital strategy.

Shoes that Fit - Contributed ongoing maintenance of a charitable organization's WordPress-driven website as a subcontractor for Parsons TKO.

Spotter Up Media - Designed as a Podcast using some specialized WordPress plugins, but the project was discontinued.

Carolina Health Informatics Program - Developed in UNC's CloudApps virtual computing environment, this is the flagship website for the ever-growing health informatics program at UNC Chapel Hill. Built in WordPress, maintained and locally developed in a Vagrant/VirtualBox environment, and augmented with several custom apps and plugins.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice - Worked with Parsons TKO to theme out and set up a new design for the Hague Institute.